About us

About Chance e.V.

Sri Lanka is well-known in Germany above all as a holiday paradise with long white sandy beaches und smiling people.

At the beginning of the 1980s the founders of the organisation travelled to Sri Lanka to adopt children. At this time, behind the facade of the holiday paradise, it was already evident that large parts of the population suffered great poverty, which had increased during the decades of civil war. The main sufferers were, and still are, the children. In face of this emergency, the decision was made to help the children in need, to give them a home in their own country.

In 1994 the organisation CHANCE was founded. It is recognized by the tax office as a non-profit organisation. The name CHANCE stands for the whole spectrum of our tasks and responsibilities and is a symbol of our continuing efforts and commitment.

C = Care
H = Hope
A = Asylum
N = Need
C = Confidence
E = Education

Our declared aim is to help children in need – children without parents or social orphans – to give them a home and to provide them with the necessary daily care. We also ensure that they receive a good school education and a professional training to enable them to earn their own living and to take care of themselves later as adults.

All the members of the board work on a voluntary basis without pay. We carry all the administrative costs which arise here in Germany as well as the necessary flights to Sri Lanka ourselves. We therefore guarantee that all donations reach the children in need

There are so many children who have to grow up under appalling conditions due to war, social crises and abuse. We help in Sri Lanka in order to give the affected children – above all girls – a basis for an independent live in their own country. Please support us with your donation which we guarantee will go directly to the children. Please help!

The Norwegian Partnership

While carrying out these tasks we have received a great amount of support from the Norwegian organisation Mary’s Friends, which has already sponsored social projects for more than 30 years. We are also able to use their existing infrastructures.

This is above all a control and supervisory office, which is conducted by a German woman, who has been living in Sri Lanka for many years. She is our contact person as well. She speaks the national language, she knows the Sri Lankan people, their mentality and culture and she gives us advice concerning our conduct and procedures